Benefits of Mangosteen

Centuries of accumulated knowledge of ancient Asian medicine has been passed down from generation to generation and scientists all over the world are now unlocking the secrets of this amazing and truly remarkable fruit. The complete mangosteen (rind and flesh) contains more than forty nutritionally active compounds called "Xanthones".

Xanthones are supercharged Antioxidants that also have a powerful Anti-Inflammatory effect as well as building a strong immune system. Chronic Inflammation and free radical damage are contributors to many known diseases.

Free radicals are dangerous substances found in our bodies as as result of being exposed to enviromental toxins. Free radicals (also called Oxidants) have the ability to damage and destroy our organs, cells, and even our DNA. This damage can only be prevented by the regular consumption of an adequate number of powerful antioxodants.

Inflammation, particularly chronic inflammation, is the second principal cause that many diseases share. For example, in some forms of dementia, free radicals damage the brain cells (neurons) first, but the body sends in an inflammatory response that actually causes many of the surrounding neurons to fail.

Together, these two processes are responsible for the majority of today's debilitating and fatal diseases. The ideal nutritional supplement to fight and prevent disease would contain both natural Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory compounds.

With over three decades of scientific laboratory studies to support its use, we know that the mangosteen may be helpful with the following problems:

nanoxan-icon Help slow the ageing process   nanoxan-icon Can assist in maintaining eye health  
nanoxan-icon Help support cartilage and joint function   nanoxan-icon Helps improve digestive system  
nanoxan-icon Promotes a healthy metabolism   nanoxan-icon Contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system  
nanoxan-icon Boost strength and energy   nanoxan-icon Strengthens immune system  
nanoxan-icon Can assist in lowering colestrol   nanoxan-icon Promising research in many other health issues  
nanoxan-icon Assist with skin conditions        
The Xanthones from the mangosteen have been shown in laboratory studies to be powerful Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatories and to have other special properties. However, laboratory results do not guarantee that the same will happen in the human body. Mangosteen is a nutritious fruit not a drug, and no therapeutic claims are made for this product.